Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lives Curves

I haven't blogged in a while. But here is a little catch up. Valentines day was AMAZING! Just relaxed which hasnt happened for a long time! Our Blazer caught on fire on the way home from Pella Roger and Dana had taken us out to Happy Joes!! My fav! But all of a sudden I smelled somethin and as I was asking what it was. The dome light turned on and the dash went all crazy! Then there was a BOOM!!!!! We both looked in the mirror at the same time and ssaw flames EVERYWHERE in the back of the Blazer. So we pulled over. Im yelling at Ty "Theres Flames! Theres Flames!" He just sat there!! I finally just flung my door open an jumped out. Tyler came out and is asking if I am ok. Saying call the 911!!!! So i did but I remembered I got this really cool thing for my garden and im on the phone there telling me "DO NOT get into the car DO NOT open a door GET AWAY from the car!" And Im telling Ty "get my thing!! Hurry!" So he went back and he got it!! I really do love him! But I really love my thinggy for my garden!! (its like an old fashoned wash basin and you can really use it you hook up a hose to the back and the spicket has a nossle!!) Well the guy that was driving behind us thankfully had a shovel and Tyler went back by the blaz and started throwing mud and snow onto it he did get it OUT but OH MY!!! I was freaking out i didnt want it to blow up or something!! Just to remind you this was only in a matter of less than prolly 3 mins!! But every one is ok. God gave us a chance to get out. Allowed us to have a reality check and think about life again we have been so caught up in wedding stuff that I think we had kinda forgot about living!!!



  1. what the heck started the fire????? I'm so thankful you guys are ok! i want to go to the wedding!!!!

  2. IDK!! something with the rearend or something?!?!I cant wait to see you! ps Nate can come!!!!

  3. are you guys hot or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well...... yeah!!!! i take after my GRANDMA!! lol