Monday, February 9, 2009

1 MONTH & 11 DAYS!!

So as most of you know Tyler and I's wedding is coming up . It is coming very quickly! I thought it was forever away but at lunch this weekend my mom just happened to say "6 more weekends!!" WOW now doesn't that make it sound close. Weekends come so fast!!! Our wedding is coming together so perfect i cannot believe it. I believe it will be the most beautiful wedding ever. I am definitely ready to have it all done. I wont know what to do with my time though. Its has just consumed so much time you should see our house you can tell. lol Today we set up the cake table b/c Tammy Corcoran the lady who is doing our cake asked if she could make a little one to practice. Here is our little cake!!

Of course cuz we have to take pics of everything so its easier for everyone to help put together. We got all the girls bubble baskets put together there so cute. We got all the small flowers that go in the bouquets all wired up for Thelma. I think that's about all today. Last night My mom, Dana and I all went over to Thelma's to look at the amazing flowers I ABSOLUTELY love them. There exactly....MORE than what I imagined. Everything has been so wedding oriented that that's all I ever think about. I think things are going to be getting better most of the things are getting done our list keeps shrinking. Which is a good thing. Just to throw a little twist Roger decided that on their Hawaii vaccay he wanted only Dana NO wedding. So its all supposed to be done by then.... which is in 2 weeks!! AHHH!!!!! Last week I got my jewelry it is so perfect you would think it was made for my dress!! I also got my veil. Which is very different but its me! I have all my new, old, borrowed, and blue!! I'm ready!!.........right....? I think except for my heart goes 5000000 miles an hour when I think about it but its total excitement except the part where I'm scared I'm going to mess up saying our stuff. It will be ok. Today I got my letter from my Uncle Todd who will not be at the wedding due to being in prison but he is my very most special Uncle it is a wonderful letter it made me cry. I hope it will touch you too while your at the wedding! I need a little help I need some ideas of the must have pics so I can give our photographer the list of the must haves!! Hope You Are Having A Wonderful Day!


  1. that cake is so pretty!

    i would give you ideas for pics but i would probably go on and on and on and the photographer probably wouldn't like a list ten feet long haha

  2. Thank you. No really start listing Girly!!!