Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my emotion last 2 weeks

These last 2 weeks have been a whirl wind. Lets start with all the good news. To start it off Dana and Roger left to Hawaii to celebrate there 25th!! Congrats! It sounds like they had a blast they should be back today!! Dana had given me a list of small things to do for the wedding and I got it all done except a couple but I did get those started. So i think I will be ok lol. On Thursday February 26 I completed high school. I was only going for 1 period a day anyway but its good to know I am completely done!!! Now after the wedding I am starting my at home day care I have all my registration and everything ready to go!! I will end back on a good note but I need to let you all know this and to please be praying for strength and comfort for my friend Kelli and her husband Justin and their family and friends. Here is a little back ground of them they have 2 healthy children at home. They are my neighbors. Kelli was pregnant. 2 weeks ago Kelli had her ultrasound they said the baby had dwarfism so they sent her up to Iowa City so they could see what time of dwarfism it was. Kelli thought she was going up there to see how short here little boy was going to be. They got there did an ultrasound. Said the babies arms were measuring to short. They had a couple bone specialist come in take a look. They found out all the babies bones were bent, twisted, and cracked! They couldn't believe it. It was starting in his limbs and coming in. They were told there baby would not live no matter what. He had no chance. Their "choices" were to either allow the baby to stay in the womb suffering and becoming nothing but broken bones and skin and just wait for her body to terminate him. Or to medically make the procedure faster. Kelli couldn't bare to allow her little boy suffer anymore she decided it would be better to do the medically. It wasn't even really a choice she had it was what needed to be done. Kelli is one of the strongest women I know she is being so strong. She is staying close to God and allowing Him to comfort her and not push him away. Kelli delivered a baby boy on Friday February 27 he was 14.4 oz 9 in. long. They had said he had quit growing 3 weeks ago. They gave him a very strong name. Nathaniel Joseph. We are all very glad he is in Heaven being perfect! I love and miss you Nathaniel I really wish I would have had more time with you. God had different plans for you and I respect those its hard but accepting. The funeral was on Monday and it was beautiful it was chilly. But it was sunny. So please pray for my friends. Thank you! I love you guys.

P.S. 17 more days until the wedding!!


  1. gosh... i got all teary... i can't imagine. Let them know that their names are being whispered in prayer... they are loved.