Friday, February 13, 2009

Scratch!!!! Scratch!!! Scratch on our honeymoon place you have looked at!! So last night we went to book it and guess what the discription of the resort left out...............drum roll............. ITS A NUDE RESORT!!! Everything seemed so perfect there until that little detail. I would have had a cow if we got on the boat to go there and then all of a sudden they were like " Strip Now" AHHH NO Way. Its a honeymoon all i wanna be seeing is Tyler!! So now we are goign to the Deminician Republic I will have pics up soon! Its beautiful. Come back soon


  1. LOL LOL LOL OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! dude... emma... you should still go. ;) teeheehee... what a honeymoon! ;)

  2. dear Emma we were at a nude beach
    in Australia and a young couple
    came up to talk to us. The young
    women was interested in Glen because
    of his arms and came right up to him
    and they had a long animated conversation. If he noticed she
    was nude and beautiful, no one
    could tell (but me) Love
    grandma Jeanie

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  4. Ha ha ha Anna. Prolly not. It definatly would be a surprise!!! but we got it all figured out an we are going somewhere beautiful and NOT naked. lol

  5. naked isnt a bad thing just somthing dads arent supossed to see you and tyler are going to have long and wonderful life and famly together

  6. Thanks dad!!! your not supossed to say that on here expecially!!! lol But i hope everything is good!